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Repair and Return Policy
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Step 1: Remote check and recover

In the event of a hardware failure, please contact Signage (China) for help at once without detaching the player yourself. Signage (China) engineer will analyze the problem based on the information you provided, if possible a remote logging-in checking will happen. If the problem doesn’t come from the defectiveness of hardware itself, Signage (China) will solve the problem remotely or teach you how to fix it.

If the problem comes from the flaw of hardware, please go to the second step.

Step2: Return to factory repair

A: Products under warranty:
Hardware units that fail (under warranty) will be repaired or replaced (with refurbished equipment) at the sole discretion of Signage (China).The relative sales documents (like contract, PI) will be needed for the normal repairing procedure.
Freight issue: For those customers located outside China, one way shipping cost will be borne by each side. You can ship all the defective units to Signage (China) together when it comes to certain quantity.

B: Products out of warranty:
Additional requirements for units no longer under warranty, Signage (China) will inform you the defective parts model, if it can be sourced locally, please buy it and replace that yourself. If the problem can’t be solved by simply replace the parts, Signage (China) will inform you the repairing cost after a careful remote logging- in diagnoses. If this cost is acceptable for you, Signage (China) will send you a PI for repairing. Anyway, you can also buy a new unit based on the real situation.

Freight issue: For those customers located outside China, double way shipping cost for repairing will be borne by the buyer.

When requesting an RMA, please provide the following information:
• Product model of the defective hardware
• Product PN number of the defective hardware
• Description of failure and troubleshooting performed to isolate cause
• Delivery address
• Contact name
• Contact phone, fax, and e-mail

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