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Signage China Released 3G Taxi Digital Signage Solution
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Taxi signage varies in many ways. Using a 3G touch LCD advertising player not only can save you a lot of time and money. The interactive content will increase the audiences’ interest and impression of the advertisement. So it is hot issue in digital signage now! 


Since we are constantly asked for digital signage solution for taxi, SCW-08, taxi headrest LCD player has been released recently. 

The headrest comes in 8” screen both have an interactive touch screen and the unit has a built in speaker, as previously the media player is built into the head rest. 

What you have to do is only insert the 3G card into the player and then you log in to the FTP server to download new content over the 3G network.

With ARM processor, it is highly scalable, can be integrated with mobile IP video cam, VoIP phone calls, GPS management, on board debit, etc. 800 x 480 resolution and rich kinds of content are supported. Besides, the user interface of SCW-08 can be customized and designed via Adobe Flash. 

To begin earn more money from taxi with SCW-08 now! 

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