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Top 10 Mistakes Made During a Digital Signage Deployment
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Digital signage projects involve multiple locations and a variety of logistical problems. If any key factor is neglected in deployment and execution, many problems will occur, such as costs go over budget, ROI may be negative. For example, one company failed to consider the environmental factors and spent thousands of dollars on failed hardware, including a media player that became clogged up with bird feathers. We will help you recognize the most common mistakes and learn how to avoid them with the brief guide.

The Top 10 Mistakes:

1. Insufficient capital to fund the project
Both quality hardware and scalable software cost high. Digital signage projects may take longer time than expected. Sufficient capital is very important. 

2. Assuming the Internet is 100% reliable
It is the better that caching the content on the local storage in case that the internet is not connected.

3. Failing to identify a viable business model that produces strong ROI
If you can’t identify a clear return-on-investment (ROI), the project is likely to fail.

4. Trying to cut corners with cheap hardware
Make sure your chosen hardware is rugged enough for the destination site; otherwise you may end up replacing it in a short time.

5. No formal site survey
Have a technician verify power and network connectivity at every site, even if management claims the sites are all the same.

6. Failing to use experienced installers
Regular scheduled maintenance and spare systems are essential. Figure on a 1-2% short-term failure rate and 3 years useful life.

7. Cramming too many features into the first version
Focus on the core features for your first deployments-remote management makes it possible to add more features later.

8. Not providing a clear way for users to report problems
A help label (for service, call ABC) should be placed on each system so employees and customers can easily report problems.

9. Relying on consultants who haven’t done similar projects before
Signage networks have unique requirements.  Be sure to choose vendors who can provide references to successful projects.

10. Failing to account for maintenance, repair, and life expectancy
Regular scheduled maintenance and spare systems are essential. Figure on a 1-2% short-term failure rate and 3 years useful life.

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