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Digital Signage LCD market size is expected to exceed TV
Author:  Source:   Update:2016-07-19  Counting:6

As a new monitor application after the TV, "digital signage" is becoming the focus of people's expectations. This is different from the TV "Indoor Media", Digital Signage is "outdoor media," which has numerous scope of application, including transport, shops, public facilities and so on. The future size of the market is expected to exceed television.

Digital signage refers to "a new generation of information system which uses digital technology in a timely manner through the screen to display image, video, information." Sometimes called "electronic signature", in a nutshell, it is replacement of the common street signs by liquid crystal display panels and other electronics, so that it can automatically change the content, play videos. Prior to this, such electronic signature is used only for displaying flight schedules at the airport, a very limited purpose, to date, with the LCD panels and the PDP being large-sized and low-cost, electronic signs have also been used in more and more areas.

Among them, as the use of advertising media has been high expected. This kind of display are mostly installed in the trams, shops, waiting room, building walls and other locations, displaying advertisement to the crowd appeared at such locations. In general, traditional advertising media, including television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., belong to the "mass media", in contrast, the Internet, mobile phones and so on belongs to the "personal media" aiming at personal .The digital signage is different from the both, it “belongs to an object of new advertising media aiming at person in a specific place."

 For the popularity of digital signage presence topic is: "Because there is no unified technical standards, and therefore need to start developing some of the industry-standard from technology " Even so, this emerging industry is Star of Hope which brings a huge demand to from large to small and medium display industry. But, digital signage display requirements are more stringent than the TV. In order not to destroy the landscape, it requires the diversity of design, for example, ultra-thin design or the corresponding curve design; in order to achieve can be installed anywhere, you need a combination of solar power and ultra-low power design considering environmentally friendly. Further, in order to replace the traditional signs, manufacturing costs need to be significantly reduced.

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