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2016 LCD advertising market trends and outlook
Author:  Source:   Update:2016-08-22  Counting:3

With the increasing development of domestic business and consumer environment, it is also growing demand for advertising, digital, network, information technology multimedia advertising has become a major highlight of the advertising media market. Digital signage in the domestic market, network of large-scale, interactive applications is the development direction, but at the same time the rapid development of network products, LCD advertising player in the rapidly expanding market, the pace of development is not much slower than the network products. Let's Prospect 2016 development trend of the liquid crystal advertising machine in the end how:

In the domestic market fully market-oriented business environment is formed later than the Western countries for a long time, competition in the market stage was significantly later than in Western countries, which determines the LCD advertising community in the country have more decentralized economic organization agency: department stores, services, restaurants, manufacturing, and other fields have such characteristics. There are a lot of decentralized social production and service units determines the large number of small stand-alone product advertising is still a great market.
Domestic digital signage market started late, although not, but slow early development of the market, so the market coincides with the outbreak of the highly networked product development, which also led to domestic digital signage market early stand-alone product marketing vacancy situation appeared serious. For the international market, the single stage and the stage of network development are two distinct levels, while the domestic market, and is now showing the two products go hand in hand development trend. In terms of customer demand for high-end stand-alone LCD advertising products or massive low-end customers point of view, the current price of LCD digital signage advertising machine are at a high level, which play a decisive role is to display the device itself and the various price difference design costs. In the future to further reduce the stand-alone digital signage advertising the sale price will be the key to whether the rapid spread of the product, so the digital signage market, LCD advertising machine exhibition will shine in the future.
LCD advertising machine LCD monitor to play video ads, particularly for high-end brand of integrated multimedia technology, deliver a full range of product information to consumers, promotions and so on. Improve product sales terminals and display of apparent rate effect, stimulate impulse buying, which is placed next to the store products, can automatically open publicity, compared to other traditional media and promotions, extremely low investment, high cost.
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