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L'ORÉAL applied an Intelligent Hair Styling solution from Betvis
Author:Ted Bai  Source:Betvis   Update:2016-09-02  Counting:5

With the rapid development of LCD technology and application software, more and more digital signage applications are applied in global markets. In cosmetic industry, digital signage has also been widely used for boosting sales and improving influnce. Recently, L'ORÉAL  has  brought out a brand new service in its high-end retail-stores in China, which enables customers use a big screen android tablet to design their hair style before getting their hair cut. After first shown at the beginning of this August, the service has turned out be a huge success.

Betvis is the solution designer and supplier behind the scene who made all the amazing things happen. With 10 year experience of making digital signage solution for cosmetic application, it didn’t take very long before Betvis  brought up a complete solution to L'ORÉAL  and get approved by the latter. Based on big screen LCD technology and specialized custom made application software, Betvis spent most of the time on making some critical improvements on the user interface and software function.  L'ORÉAL  is obviously quite satisfied with Betvis’s solution, once it was done, they deployed it almost immediately to most of L'ORÉAL ‘s retail stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other main cities in China .

Shown on a 43 inch Android tablet, this APP which is called Style My Hair seems to like some photo beautification software. To get start, one can take a photo of oneself by looking at the camera and touch the button on the screen. Following steps are simple, just constantly touch to choose hair style and color and other options, drug the hair to make a perfect match to one’s face until one can get a satisfied visual effect. “ It really helps  to get an actual image of what my hair will be look like before I actually get my hair cut, they  should have done this earlier” , said one of the customers.

For now, we have heard that L'ORÉAL are planning to expand this service to the rest of its retail stores in China, and later, some other countries. It won’t be long before it is available in your city, hopefully, don’t forget to give it a try by yourself then.



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